I founded Famous Last Cards in May 2016 during my time at university. It started as a fun project to inspire me during a dull period, as well as a outlet for my dark sense of humour. At the time I specialised in silly cards, dripping in sarcasm.

In August 2016, knowing there was a solid market for my cards, I purchased a professional printer and materials to make the cards myself from home, and opened an Etsy store.

In order to celebrate the opening of the store, I launched a new line of cards, one of which was featured on Buzzfeed, and on my very first day of being ‘open’, I was flooded with orders.

I’ve enjoyed a lot of success since, and have branched into other types of hyper-specific cards, for example cards for step or single parents, or people suffering from invisible illnesses.

I have also recently discovered a love for digital painting and have been creating pop culture and political cards.

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Beauty Markdown is an online magazine dedicated to giving its readers the best tips for discounted beauty. This is a venture split 50/50 between myself and a friend. She and I share in the writing and research duties, and I manage the design aspects of the site.

I built the site in WordPress and maintain and improve it regularly – as well as editing and watermarking all our media, creating Pinterest pictures for articles, and occasionally producing GIFs from short videos.

In addition to refining my writing and branding skills, managing the site has taught me a great deal about SEO, designing for social media, and affiliate marketing.

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Tree Line is an environmentally conscious clothing line started by a friend. I serve as the line’s graphic and web designer.

With every product sold Tree Line donate money to Treeaid who plant trees in Africa. So with every sale a fruit tree will be planted in Africa, not only helping to reduce the companies carbon footprint but also helping feed families in countries including Niger, Ghana and Ethiopia.

The line launched on the 28th March 2017 and saw over 50 sales in its first week.

Update, 14/05/19: The site has now shut down as the friend and owner has moved to Australia for the foreseeable future to live in a van.

Trees planted

Tim Ellis Building Services has commissioned me a number of times to create their logo as well as several different forms of advertising, including a vehicle facade, large billboard advertising at a sports event, as well as the usual business cards etc.

Hairsway is a salon for whom I have designed appointment cards, price brochures, newspaper advertisements, as well as their Facebook page and website (hairsway.co.uk).

Cassin-Scott Associates Ltd. are an occupational psychology consultancy for whom I have done a lot of work in the past. Their current website I created in November, and we are planning several improvements to it in the future, and we are in the process of a complete rebranding, which includes template designing for several specialised documents.

Fancy That Dress is a local dressmaking service for which I created a site, business cards, and an entirely new communications and enquiry set-up. The owner has seen a large boost in interest in her services since the reboot, and is now fully booked up to a year in advance!

These are a set of four book covers I designed for a series of Statistics guides. The books are aimed at students trying to cram at the last minute, hence the messy motif.

It was an incredibly fun challenge to create book covers, as it was not something I had tried before. I have since been inspired to sell a range of notebooks on Redbubble, some of which can be seen in my portfolio.