Leah Scott

Graphic & Web Designer


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Software, Websites & Applications

I am a graphic and web designer based in Southampton. I have been freelancing since 2016, having dabbled in this since a young teenager making graphics and websites for churches and local businesses. I also run an online shop, Famous Last Cards.

Graphic Design

I use the Adobe Suite (particularly Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat and InDesign, with a little dabbling in Lightroom and After Effects) to design for clients and for myself. I’ve made posters, brochures, flyers, business cards, logos, invitations, social media posts, stickers, clothing, books and more.

Web Design

Most of my web design is done through WordPress, using things like Elementor, WPBakery, Gutenburg etc to create appealing designs. I’m familiar enough with PHP to edit a line or two when a problem occurs, and understand hosting and the backend of working with WP and plugins.

I can also build websites from scratch and I’m very familiar with HTML & CSS, and know my way around Javascript enough to pull basic functions together.

Other Skills

I do a lot of digital painting using Procreate for iPad or Photoshop.

I often proofread and convert word documents into online exam papers for a psychometric testing business.

I manage my own business and fulfill orders, restock, run promotions and analyse sales data – I’m a big lover of spreadsheets, know Excel pretty much inside and out, and make them in my spare time for fun.

I used to run an online magazine with a friend before we both got too busy for it. I’d write articles, manage social media, and set up affilate links, so I’m very familiar with adsense and affiliate marketing.

Please enjoy browsing my work on this site, and get in touch with any questions!


Freelance Graphic Designer

2016 – Present

I have worked for numerous clients over the years. I’ve picked out three clients I have worked with multiple times over the years that showcase a variety of projects.

Clients you can contact as references

Charlotte Burns


Published Author. The Times, Money Mentor. Multi-award-winning LottyEarns Blog owner. Ex-MoneySavingExpert.

Projects worked on

Monika Kier


Hair stylist and co-owner of Hair on the Cliffe

Projects worked on

Angela El-Cargly


Owner and stylist at Hairsway

Projects worked on

Famous Last Cards

Owner, 2016 – Present

Famous Last Cards is my Etsy store. It started as a rude card shop, however over time it has grown as I have designed more products. I now sell stickers, meal planners and almost 100 different meal magnets.

  • Over 7,000 sales since 2016
  • 4.5 stars (around 1.2k reviews)
  • Went viral on Buzzfeed
  • Cards were featured during election season on Jeremy Vine show
  • Meal planners and magnets sets have been extremely helpful for children with Autism

Test Design, Data Entry & Proofreading

Creighton Hooper and Cassin-Scott Associates

2016 – Present

  • Converting exams from a word document to an interactive online test, with many different question formats
  • Working in an azure environment
  • Part of a diversity panel as a disabled, jewish woman, consulting on test material
  • proofreading tests and documents to extremely high government standards
  • making tests accessible for all, including adapting an entire suite of tests for a blind candidate
  • data entry (PDF to excel test marks)
  • designing paper exams to an immaculate standard for accessibility and inscrutibleness

Misc other jobs (not exhaustive)

  • HMV Summer Sales Assistant – 2013
  • Domino’s Team Member – 2013
  • Plymouth University Student Ambassador 2011-2014



  • Digital Art & Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Moodboards & prototyping


  • Writing
  • Proofreading
  • Research
  • Data Entry


  • Advanced databases & functions
  • Basic Javascript, PHP and Python (I can edit easily but not always write from scratch)

Shop management

  • Customer service
  • Stock & materials management


  • Basic Japanese
  • Dressmaking (NVQ Lvl 1)
  • Crochet & Embroidery


Plymouth University

BA (Hons) Digital Art & Technology

2012 – 2016

Undertook the course while suffering with two undiagnosed disabilities. Did not complete all modules and had to do some summer resits. Excelled and got high marks when I was well enough.

Health issues finally got diagnosed in my third year, submitted my dissertation but was not well enough to finish the year.


First year

  • Strategies for Art & Technology – 58%
  • Digital Culture – 61%
  • Digital Media Design – 59.7%
  • Web Technologies – 71%
  • Creative Coding – 40%*
  • Emerging Technology Lab – 47.6%

Second year

  • Strategies for Art & Technology 2 – 71.8%
  • Creative Industries – 50.2%
  • Advanced Creative Coding – 55.98%
  • Reflexive design – 40%*
  • Advanced web technologies – 40%*

Third year

  • Dissertation – 50%

*Retakes capped at 40%

BSc Psychology

2011 – 2012

1st year completed to good standard. Moved to another course as Psychology was not the right fit for me.


First year

  • Psychological Research Methods & Critical Thinking – 54.9%
  • Learning, Clinical, Social and Developmental Psychology – 54.7%
  • Cognitive Psychology, Psychobiology and Neuropsychology – 52.6%
  • Psychological research and tutorials – 58.7%
  • Contempary topics in social and developmental psychology – 68.9%
  • the psychology of everyday experience – 62.2%
15 49.0138 8.38624 1 0 4000 1 300