Beth & Will’s Wedding Invitations

I designed a full wedding set for Beth & Will, as their wedding present. Their colour scheme was picked out, and their style focusing very heavy on plants, and that breezy boho feel.

I knew I wanted to make their invitiations unique and memorable, so I proposed a 3D design, making a bed of cheeseplant leaves, layering different colours, and setting the actual invitation in the centre.

Centre invite – concept
A mockup of the back layout
2D mockup with the cricut

I sent this picture over to the clients and they loved it, so I began cutting out some trial bits.

When showing concepts to clients, always include a Ted for scale
All elements needing to be printed on one A4 sheet, for testing

The backing was made by combining the leaf bed shape with Pathfinder, and then trimming it back by a few mm to make the leaves easier to get into the right spot.

Proof of concept

Everything cut well, attached easily, and I was ready to start the making.

A4 print files for the long invites

We decided that reception guests would only get a single sided invite, as all the information could easily fit. However, for day guests, I developed a tri-fold version.

Each leaf type had to be cut from A4 card in the correct colour. The backings were cut from a much thicker cardstock for rigidity. In the end I think this project was probably about 120-200 cuts. I went through a lot of Cricut mats!

oh lawd she cuttin
Successfully assembled base, curtesy of Pritt Stick
Assembled invite with tri-fold (folded)
Assembled invite with tri-fold (unfolded)
An evening invite on show in a guest’s mirror

In the end we made about 90 of these, if memory serves. I had Beth (the bride) and my Luke (my fiance) helping me glue all the leaves down, and importantly, in the correct layer order!

I sourced some kraft envelopes for the client – I had been smart at the beginning and designed the invites to fit in a common envelope size. She sent them out, and the guests loved them.

They fit brilliantly with the rest of the wedding stationary, which you can also find on here!

It even looks great on the fridge!
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