My Wedding Invitations

I wanted to keep a lot of the elements from my save the dates, but get them professionally printed this time.

I’ve blurred some of the details like addresses, dates and phone numbers in the pictures that follow, because it’s a private event hasn’t happened yet.

I started in Procreate and sketched some layout ideas.

Adobe Illustrator

I reused the Luke and Leah logo from the save the dates, and the starships also make an appearance, although much smaller – I wanted the Star Wars influence to take a bit more of a back seat this time around.

The design features a translucent white box where I will write the names of the invitees. There is also a checkbox at the bottom where I can indicate which parts of the day they are invited to.

Adobe Illustrator

I decided against making two different versions of the invites, for guests invited to the ceremony or only the reception. I figured that if everyone has all the info, if I end up with a space at the Ceremony, I can invite someone last minute and they’ll already have the details. (Plus I didn’t have to pay a printers for two different designs!)

Blank invite back from the printers

I considered cutting more gold foil to apply over the existing logo, but I decided it was fine how it was, and I didn’t fancy spending 8 hours weeding and fussing with the Cricut.

With some names filled in

A lesson learned

I checked and checked this invite. I had others check it for me. However until the printed copies arrived I did not spot this ligature. It looks so off with the letter spacing! I will always check these settings more thoroughly from now on.

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