Beth & Will’s Wedding Stationery

Table spread featuring some of my designs
The wedding colour scheme sent to me by the couple

As I mentioned in the post about Beth & Will’s wedding invitiations, the theme of their wedding was plants, with a bit of a boho twist.

I combined a few sets of herb illustrations I got from Envato to make sure I had illustrations of every plant we needed. Every design for the wedding was made in Adobe Illustrator.

I’m very proud of the full set of wedding stationery I made for them, and love how well they fit together, despite each having distinct uses.

Mood Board

This is a moodboard that developed over the time we worked on the project (click to see larger)

Welcome Sign

Printed on textured A3 ivory card

We displayed this sign in the foyer of the venue so guests knew they had come to the right place.

Vows for the Bride

Printed on A4 textured ivory card and cut with a guillotine

Beth wanted a nice copy of her vows to read at the ceremony, so I made her two copies, one with a slightly larger font than the other, so she could see which felt easiest to read on the day.

It was an honour to work on the vows with her, helping her proofread them, and getting to be the only person who got to see them before the wedding!

Cocktail Sign

Drink illustration from Envato elements
Printed on A4 textured ivory card and mounted in a frame made by Will

Beth wanted guests to enjoy her favourite cocktail, so we made a sign so people could check the ingredients and try it out for themselves.


The catering company did send over their own design for a menu, but Beth and I agreed it needed a redesign to fit with everything else we were making. Sadly I no longer have the original file they sent over, but my version is below.

Printed on A4 textured card and cut to A5 with a guillotine

Seating Plan

Each table was named after a herb the couple enjoys. Looking back on this, I probably could have made the names a little larger, however to my knowledge no one struggled to find their seat.

Printed on A4 textured card and cut with a guillotine
Mounted in a beautiful frame made by Will

Table Labels

Similar but differently designed to the seating plan, each table had a sign confirming who needed to be sat there. These were glued to sticks and mounted within a plant pot, accompanied by the herb of the corresponding name.

Printed on A4 textured card and cut with a guillotine (bonus Ted in background)

Activity Cards

Camera illustration from Envato Elements

Beth and Will ordered a disposable camera for each table, and we attached different mission cards to each one with a bit of twine, to give the guests a reason to get out of their seats and explore.

Printed on A4 textured card and cut with a guillotine

Thank You Sign

Printed on A4 textured card and cut with a guillotine

This sign was placed with a vintage suitcase to mark an area for cards and presents.

Thank You Cards

Printed on A4 textured card and cut with a guillotine

I made these thank you cards for Beth & Will to use after the wedding. Unfortunately I did not remember to get any pictures of these printed out!

I got lots of compliments from other guests on the stationery design for the wedding, and I’m very proud to have this in my portfolio.

Bonus shot of Luke and I at the wedding!
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