Sixpenny Handley logo & tote bag

Inspiration pic from Client

A client approached me to create a logo they could use for a bag design. They’d had a designer in but weren’t happy with what they’d produced (See top left of moodboard below).

I decided to go a little ham on this project and made a huge moodboard with lots of inspiration and research. It’s something I’m doing more often as I develop as a designer, and I think it really helps ground my designs.

Chaotic moodboard made in Procreate
A draft based on the local church, which I would illustrate if the client went ahead with this option
A draft based on a crop grown in the surrounding area

These were two of three intial designs I sent over, with a third, which I further developed to become the image below.

It’s a reworking of their old logo, but with some line variation and shading, and some changes to the typefaces and layout.

Mockup from Envato Elements and used in Photoshop

I used a mockup to show the client what the logo would look like on a bag.

The final result – they fly off the shelves apparently!

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